Divorce and Family Law

DIVORCE AND FAMILY LAW At Van Heerdens Attorneys we take pride in providing our clients with specialised advice in all areas of family law. We ensure that your interests, as well as the interests of your family, are sufficiently taken care of from commencement to finalisation. Whether your divorce is [...]

Consumer Protection

CONSUMER PROTECTION The Consumer Protection Act is a relatively new concept in South Africa, which has had a major impact on all levels of business. Consumer protection law refers to those rights which have been created to safeguard consumers when entering into agreements with suppliers. The core concept of the [...]

Drunk Driving (DUI)

DRUNK DRIVING (DUI) At Van Heerdens Attorneys, whilst we are equipped to represent people who have been charged with various criminal offences, we have developed a niche speciality in representing individuals who have been charged with “drunk driving” related offences. South African law recognises two types of offences relating to [...]

Contracts and Commercial

CONTRACTS AND COMMERCIAL We act for and advise clients on legal issues relating to a wide range of business and commercial transactions. We offer a complete range of legal assistance in all aspects of commercial contracts, including the drafting, negotiating and vetting of contracts. Our areas of expertise and experience: [...]

Personal Injury

PERSONAL INJURY At Van Heerdens Attorneys we understand that being injured is a stressful time in your and your family’s life, not only personally but also financially. We strive to alleviate your stress by educating you about the injuries claims process, giving you the peace of mind that you are [...]

Debt Collection

DEBT COLLECTION We are dedicated to assisting our clients with their debt collection and recovery matters, which are often onerous and unproductive tasks. We pride ourselves on delivering prompt, efficient and cost-effective solutions for our clients in the recovery of their debts. Our debt collection services include: Issuing statutory letters [...]

Civil Litigation

CIVIL LITIGATION We provide general legal advice and cover all aspects of litigation (which is formal court action). Whether you are instituting legal proceedings or defending proceedings instituted against you, we are able to assist you during the entire process, from start to end. We advise clients on legal disputes [...]

Property Law & Conveyancing

PROPERTY LAW & CONVEYANCING We are able to advise you when you buy, sell, lease or let residential, commercial or industrial property. We provide advice to various individuals and entities, including property management companies, rental agencies, developers, and individual residential and commercial property purchasers and sellers. In respect of a [...]

Wills and Estates

WILLS AND ESTATES Everybody should have a Last Will and Testament. Even if you do not own assets right now, the time may come when you will accumulate assets. Should you pass away without a will, your assets will be dealt with according to the law of intestate succession, irrespective [...]