At Van Heerdens Attorneys, whilst we are equipped to represent people who have been charged with various criminal offences, we have developed a niche speciality in representing individuals who have been charged with “drunk driving” related offences.

South African law recognises two types of offences relating to drunk driving namely, driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and driving a motor vehicle whilst one’s blood/alcohol content exceeds the prescribed maximum legal limit. Depending on the circumstances, the individual could also be charged with reckless and negligent driving.

The abovementioned offences are criminal offences, just like any other, in terms of which certain elements must be proved in order for the State to secure a conviction. In addition to the essential elements which the State must prove, various formalities and procedural requirements must be complied with in order for the State to secure a conviction.

Being arrested for drunk driving is usually an unexpected and often traumatic experience. An individual charged with a drunk driving related offence is often stigmatized and portrayed as being an irresponsible, dangerous criminal, when in actual fact they are usually ordinary, law-abiding citizens who simply made a mistake.

In light of the above, it is essential for an individual charged with a drunk driving related offence to seek representation from an attorney specialising in the field of drunk driving in order to ensure that they receive sound legal advice and representation. When the police and state prosecutor attempt to portray you as a criminal, you need an attorney that can confidently guide you through the legal process with the necessary skill, expertise and compassion required for such cases.

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